For the last seven years I’ve been fascinated by play. My projects explore “play” as a complex concept that permeates all facets of human life. Play is paradoxical. It is considered an expression of freedom, and a means of enculturation. This is particularly apparent in leisure sports.

I use games such as dodgeball, tetherball and ice hockey to propose metaphors for larger issues relating to the normative forces in culture and representation. Both structured games and more freeform styles of play have their own specialized language of words, gestures and actions. Using this language of games, I can explore the paradoxical nature of play. Using toy objects, diagrams, printed instructions and gameboards as my point of departure, I introduce elements of disorder, nonsense or useless action to question ideologies of learning and leisure, work and play.



I received my BA in Studio Art from Colorado College and my MA from Goldsmiths College, London. Awards include a Full Fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center in 2006 and Honorable Mention at the Rocky Mountain Biennial in 2003. I was also a participant in the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver 2005 Biennial. From 2003 to 2005 I was Lecturer of Computer Imaging at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I was born in Ottawa, Canada and grew up in Denver, Colorado. Currently I live in New York City.

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